IFS Cloud Platform Architecture

IFS Cloud Platform

One platform focused on your industry, and with the latest technology, to help you run your business in the best way.

The IFS Cloud platform is powerful, flexible, and open. It puts user experience first, delivers 100% open APIs, is built for high performance and has innovations embedded such as artificial intelligence, ML and IoT throughout. 

Realize value from day one

Use out-of-the-box capabilities such as process automation and the ability to connect to external data and software. Optimize the solution by configuring user experience, workflows and data models. Extend with 100% open APIs, and low-code customization.

Get a choice of deployment without compromise 

Run IFS Cloud as a service from us, or in a location of your choice including on-premise. Thanks to a containerized architecture, you get the same software, supported by the same experience in both. And best of all, should your needs change, you’re able to easily move between deployment models.  

“IFS Cloud gives us a platform where we can deploy and operationalize innovation in a pragmatic and safe way”
Technology Director

Accelerate innovation, automation and insight to create value

Innovations such as IoT and digital twins, ready to use. Automate and optimize performance with machine learning (ML) and AI capabilities across industry use cases. Support decision-making with data visualization, reporting and analytics.

Deliver delightful, consumer-level user experiences

Provide consistent experiences to help people get more done from anywhere, on any device; powered by industry- and role-specific lobbies, dashboards, a responsive, browser-based interface, offline-capable apps and augmented reality capabilities.

How it Works

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics need to be available when and where people work and make decisions. For many, it’s about having at-a-glance awareness in the context of their daily tasks. For others, it’s about line of business reporting, slicing and dicing years of data to explore insights, or advanced analytics showing business-critical information graphically. And for all, it’s about having easy access to information and smart ways to visualize, analyze, report, and present it. 

Tap into PowerBI’s full power and vibrant eco-system to design reports or embed PowerBI reports and visuals in the IFS Cloud user experience and lobbies, with the ability to drill through from report elements to pages in IFS Cloud for further details and analysis.  

Perform operational business reporting using the Excel-based IFS Business Reporter, with full write-back capabilities for budgeting and other processes. 

No-Code, Low-Code

Accelerated digital transformation initiatives put everyone under pressure to increase the speed of solution delivery. Our no-code, low-code approach means teams tailoring or extending applications do not need to undertake time-consuming coding. Our platform’s drag and drop capabilities speed up delivery with potentially fewer resources. Your team can configure the user interface and data model or automate processes using no-code “designers.” They can extend applications and deliver a custom front end to build new experiences that improve adoption using our open APIs. And should more traditional customizations be needed, they can use a model-driven, low-code approach.


IFS Cloud uses containerization technology to package each software service into container workloads. Containerization provides the flexibility to run highly efficiently at scale in the cloud, while also offering the same great IFS Cloud software in other deployment models such as a 3rd party cloud or even on-premise. Containers also make it easier to move IFS Cloud independent of the underlying hardware and automate deployment and updates.  

We use Kubernetes technology as the underpinning orchestration engine to run the container and check its health, automatically scaling up or down according to demand. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an enabling technology embedded throughout the IFS Cloud product. This means we can help you solve different problems to better support your business rather than providing generic tools from which you need to derive your own value. For example, we can help you improve processes including in-demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, CRM, and scheduling optimization. 

Intelligent scheduling and optimization 

By adapting schedules to changes in real time, IFS Cloud constantly optimizes plans and schedules to improve decision-making, efficiency, customer response times, and more. It also provides the flexibility to combine different planning options, which allows you to find the perfect scheduling configuration for your needs.

Machine Learning service

The ability to deliver value through AI hinges on taking advantage of machine learning (ML), both through ready-to-use cognitive services and the use of your own data. IFS Cloud handles the complete ML pipeline, automating data preparation, training and deployment to remove the work typically done by a data scientist. The result is that for well-defined business cases, the value of AI can be realized by users through models that are trained, tuned and validated to capture the complexities and nuances of decisions unique to your business. In addition, our explainable AI (XAI) capability offers reasoning behind the ML decisions, such as in our sales opportunity qualification automation bundle.

Control, define, build and use IFS Cloud with our Lifecycle Experience technology for fast access to value

Assign access rights; get innovations, updates, tools and documentation; arrange deployments; see cloud deployment status, metrics, log tickets and more with Lifecycle Experience.

Solutions for your industry

Aerospace & Defense

IFS Cloud empowers through-life availability of critical assets for commercial aviation, defense integrators and industry manufacturers.

Learn more

Construction & Engineering

IFS Cloud is designed to support the full project and asset lifecycle for Construction and Engineering businesses.

Learn more

Energy, Utilities & Resources

IFS Cloud addresses the complex and individual needs of energy, utilities and resource organization

Learn more


IFS Cloud is designed to meet the demands of all types of manufacturing businesses.

Learn more

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