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ANDRITZ Uses IFS FSM 6 to Power its Digital Transformation

ANDRITZ, headquartered in Graz, Austria, is an international technology group providing plants, systems, equipment, and services for various industries. The company recently  deployed IFS Field Service Management to replace local homegrown solution and help power their move to a digital-first mentality. “Field service is key in our mission to expand and build upon our service offerings,” says Klaus Glatz, Chief Digital Officer at ANDRITZ. “Downtime wreaks havoc on our customers, and better managing our service operations is critical in minimizing and preventing that downtime. Furthermore, equipping our frontline workforce with more sophisticated technology allows them to take on more services responsibility, create greater trust among customers, and act as a business advisor.” IFS has allowed ANDRITZ to dramatically minimize the time technicians need to prepare for a job. Other benefits include:

  • Streamlining back office processes
  • Fully cross-compatible mobility solutions.
  • Faster and more consistent access to data
  • Greater trust of service workers to eliminate issues

ANDRITZ is powered by IFS

IFS FSM 6 gives us much faster access to data, a simple integration into our back-office systems which allows us to accelerate closing and improve working capital, and has tremendously improved the access field technicians have to important knowledge on site.

Klaus Glatz
Chief Digital Officer

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